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Fake News Story Says Staring at Breasts Is Good for Men, MSNBC Covers It.

Watching MSNBC Lowers Blood Pressure, Wait, Sorry…Fake News Story Says Staring at Breasts Is Good for Men, MSNBC Covers It.

Does anyone over at MSNBC check the facts on stories before they are allowed on-air?

An internet scam from 1999 resurfaced over the weekend. The story said that men can get healthier just by staring at women’s breasts for a few minutes a day. On Tuesday MSNBC’s Willie Geist completely debunked it. One day later, in the middle of news programming on the network, Contessa Brewer reported the story as legitimate.

Here‘s Willie’s feature called ‘Zeitgeist’:

Today, just before 12:30pm Contessa Brewer reports on the story, and her only problem with the ‘facts’ – the study says it asked me not to look at women’s cleavage for five years.

We offer Contessa, the MSNBC crew, and also our loyal Blaze readers a couple of websites that can easily help one determine if that story linked in an email and endlessly forwarded around the planet is real or hokum: – These guys have been around and at times display a liberal bias, but when they debunk something, it is usually with solid evidence. You might think MSNBC would have this site bookmarked. Here’s the link to the story mentioned above.

About Urban Legends – Kind of self explanatory – And yes, they debunked this too.

HoaxBusters – ‘Who you gonna click?’

There you go MSNBC, those three should be a great start for you on the road to developing some credibility in your reporting.

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Originally Posted by ssvs04 View Post
not to look at women’s cleavage for five years.
Thats downright impossible even for the gayest of gay guys.
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Just because someone made it up doesn't mean it's not true.

I'm going to keep staring . . . and fondling . . . and motor boating . . . . and . . . well, you get the idea.

Like my sig at TPU says - BOINC that RAC.
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Yeah, and it only happens with MSNBC. Haha.
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So I can't get a doctors note to look at boobs? Shame.
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