Heart Palpitations?

Discussion in 'Health & Life Counseling' started by Black Panther, Apr 20, 2017 at 2:48 PM.

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    I know this isn't a medical forum and I'm going to visit the doc tomorrow or at the latest early next week.

    This started gradually over the past couple of months.
    I'd lie down to sleep and all of a sudden I'd have this ''jumping flapping vibrating bird'' in my chest for some seconds. It's frightening. I get short of breath and my heart jumps so much that at first I thought I was having a heart attack. I only realized I wasn't going to die when it happened again and again (so I hadn't died, hence probably this isn't gonna kill me).

    At first it was rare. Used to happen perhaps twice or 3 times on occasional days before dropping to sleep. But it kept increasing in frequency till it became a daily occurrence and last night I barely could sleep at all because it happened so regularly it woke me up like 25 times at regular intervals during the night, not exaggerating.

    Inevitably I googled the symptoms....

    The main culprits (apart from stress and/or anxiety) are caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.
    For long years I have always drank coffee (nearly italian here so I like it strong), smoked (apart from when I was pregnant), and drink (moderately but daily). So though I do all three I have been doing them for long years and there was no change in my habits.

    This past week I've cut down on the easiest one, coffee. I only used to take 3 cups of regular coffee in the morning and nothing else so I switched to 2 normal cups and one decaf. No difference.

    Nicotine... that's hard. I'll work on that later...

    Alcohol, ironically if I drink more I either get less palpitations or don't get them at all. So I don't know what would work there but I don't want to drink myself dizzy every day to get rid of the palpitations... Especially since 'Professor Google' says alcohol makes it worse.

    So I'm thinking this is stress... perhaps alcohol relaxes me and I don't get the stress? But on the other hand I don't feel stressed? I.e. I think I have a normal amount of stress?

    Duh I'm clueless.
    Click on spoiler tab for story.

    If tl/dr: Have you ever suffered heart palpitations? Did you solve the problem?
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    Kind of hate to tell you but if you're getting heart palpitations all 3 of the things you mentioned above are off the table for a bit. That means no smoking, no caffeine, and no alcohol. Dropping to 1 cup a decaf and 2 regular isn't going to do anything.

    you also need to think about taking time off work and as much of an oxymoron it may sound (with the no caffeine, alcohol or smoking) attempt to deal with stress.

    Once the palpitations are under control you can ease your way back into the trifecta...still though it might be better to drop 1 permanently...smoking would be my recommendation.
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    The palpitations I get are 99% percent related to caffeine.
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    Most men check for heart palpitation Daily:po_O

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