Knuckle-cracking is actually good for you

Discussion in 'Health & Life Counseling' started by FordGT90Concept, Aug 18, 2016.

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    I fucking knew it!
    I was told it would cause problems and have since forced myself to stop doing my hands are stiff all the time...
    Thought it was from cracking them so much...
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    I remember reading something about another doctor who spent decades cracking the knuckles on only one hand, and not the other. The result: Zero longterm difference. Of course, one person is not a representative sample, scientifically.

    On the other hand, this article is the usual CNN bullshit. Auto-playing video, since everyone loves those so much that someone created a browser plugin to kill them. Anecdotal evidence, if any at all. Story-telling that has nothing to do with the actual subject. Massive extrapolation from a miniscule datapoint (increased flexibility, huh? In what way? Permanently? Temporarily? For how long, and how is this good for you, exactly?) from a study that hasn't been published or peer reviewed. Gas bubble, flash and drop in pressure... sounds a lot like Cavitation to me. Ain't no way cavitation is good for you. [grumpyoldman.gif]

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