Looking for an old link of free hand exercises.

Discussion in 'Health & Life Counseling' started by de.das.dude, Sep 19, 2016.

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    I know BP probably posted something about free hand exercises.

    I know i am growing old and having a sit-at-desk job for 10 hrs a day isnt doing any favours.

    I have noticed a bit of strength development from before ever since i started riding a motorcycle. I couldnt used to pick it up at all and needed the side stand to put it on the centre one. But now.... I can lift the rear with my right hand. Sweet? yes, but what i want to do is NOT make my body become all steriod pumped like regular "fit" people. Hence why i want freehand.
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    So you want to be able to steer a motorcycle with one hand? That's dangerous. Hit a piece of gravel or small rock on the road, you're much more liable to lose control.

    Muscle cells have a thing called myostatin that causes atrophy. The only way to get inhumanly large is to block myostatin (e.g. testosterone injections).
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