The link between advertising and child obesity

Discussion in 'Health & Life Counseling' started by 0thatguy0, Feb 1, 2015.

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    I've been looking into an interesting topic around childhood obesity...

    Companies are purposely targeting children with unhealthy products through advertisement and strategies.

    It worried me because there was a McDonald store within a Facebook game my nephew was playing recently, he immediately wanted McDonald's afterwards which was advertised in the video game.

    I understand that there are other factors that could make children obese such as lack of exercise but it still concerns me.

    Do you think unhealthy food advertisement is linked to obesity? Do other factors play a bigger role?

    I would appreciate other opinions within this area...
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    It may be a factor, but not the primary cause. When I was a kid, all I wanted was McDonald's and candy. I was a bean pole kid that turned into the ripped beast of a man that I am today because I had these great things called parents. Home cooked meals instead of fast food. Milk and water instead of cokes. Lastly they made me go outside instead of sitting around playing video games.

    Thats the problem today, uninterested parents, plus we have the nanny state bullshit that handcuffs the parents that do take an interest. Kids are more interested in the internet and video games than anything else. I had a four wheeler, a go kart, bb guns, swimming pool, trampoline, treehouse, bicycle, and friends. I had a super nintendo that was fun till my friends came over, then it was outside.
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    There's the problem. Facebook only exists to data mine information about individuals and either direct ads at them or sell that information to others that do.

    The former can be answered by the latter which is, quite simply, a lack of self control. In the case of children, bad parenting. In the 21st century, teaching kids to spot advertising, acknowledge it, and consider its purpose is paramount to parenting.
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    @thatguy I don't find too many issues with a company marketing to children when a substantial part of their customer base is children. If children find their marketing attractive, then kudos to their marketing team.
    If McDonald's is causing childhood obesity, then that would be because parents are taking their children there too often. That is a decision they make and not McDonalds.

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